Our Signature Cocktails

Are you ready to enjoy your favourite Cocktail at home? We now have a selection of our Signature Collection Cocktails available via our Call and Collect Service!!


Our Signature Collection Cocktails:


Bramble - £5.00

Mix a classic bramble cocktail, essentially a gin sour spiked with an eye-catching shot of blackberry liqueur.  

  •     Blackberry Gin
  •     Lemon Juice
  •     Sugar Syrup 
  •     Crème de Mure
  •     Soda water

Pour Bramble mix over ice and top it up with soda water, should be enough with ½ of the bottle.



Sloe Kiss - £5.00 

Sloe gin has a rich fruity flavour that mixes well and is a great base for long drinks.

  • Vodka
  • Sloe Gin
  • Southern Comfort
  • Amaretto
  • Orange Juice

Pour both Sloe Kiss mixes over ice and garnish with a slice of orange.




Pina Colada - £5.00

A tropical blend of rich coconut cream, white rum and tangy pineapple – serve with an umbrella for kitsch appeal

  • White Rum
  • Coconut Cream 
  • Pineapple Juice 

Pour Pina colada mix with coconut cream over ice in a shaker and shake for about 10 seconds. If you haven’t got shaker, you can use a jar with lid, or just pour all ingredients together and stir it until it’s blended together and serve it over ice.



Brooklyn - £5.00

The Brooklyn cocktail is a classic whiskey drink made with maraschino liqueur, dry vermouth, and bitters.

  • Whisky
  • Vermouth 
  • Cherry Liqueur
  • Orange Liqueur 

Pour mix over ice and garnish with a slice of orange



Limoncello Gin Fizz - £5.00

This Limoncello Gin Fizz is fizzy and refreshing drink, with a prominent lemon flavour.

  • Dry Gin
  • Limoncello
  • Sugar Syrup
  • Lemon Juice
  • Soda water

Pour mix over ice and top it up with ½ bottle of soda water



Moscow Mule - £5.00

This cocktail's origin has nothing to do with Moscow or mules, but after a few sips of this vodka, ginger beer, and lime concoction, no one will care.

  • Vodka
  • Lime Juice
  • Sugar Syrup
  • Ginger Beer

Pour mix over ice and top it up with ½ bottle of ginger beer



Espresso Martini - £5.00

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up post-dinner, the Espresso Martini is here to jolt you awake with its boozy magical powers.

  • Vanilla Vodka
  • Espresso
  • Kahlua
  • Sugar Syrup

Pour all ingredients in a shaker with lots of ice and shake it for 10-20 seconds.




Passionfruit Martini - £5.00

This easy passion fruit cocktail is bursting with zingy flavours and is perfect for celebrating with friends. Top with Prosecco for a special tipple (not supplied)

  • Vanilla Vodka
  • Passionfruit Liqueur
  • Passionfruit Puree
  • Lemon Juice

Pour all ingredients in a shaker with lots of ice and shake it for 10-20 seconds.



Four Leaf Clover - £5.00

  • Rhubarb and Ginger Gin
  • Cointreau
  • Apple Juice
  • Lime Juice
  • Almond Syrup
  • Grenadine

Pour the mix in the shaker and shake for about 10 seconds, serve it in a martini glass.



Summer Breeze - £5.00

This is a new twist on the classic Summer Breeze -  Serve in a tall glass and garnish with lime for a taste of summer

  • Golden Rum
  • Cointreau
  • Passionfruit Puree
  • Lime juice
  • Coconut Water

Pour mix over ice in a wine glass and serve a slice of lime.



Apple Pie on The Rocks - £5.00

After something a little different? This Apple Pie on the Rocks cocktail is crazy delicious, with a combination of vanilla vodka, cinnamon bourbon, and apple juice.

  • Vanilla Vodka
  • Bourbon
  • Cinnamon
  • Caramel
  • Apple Juice
  • Lime Juice

Pour mix over ice in old fashion glass and garnish with a slice of apple.



Margarita - £5.00

The origin of the Margarita recipe is fiercely debated, but we think it's got Mexico written all over it. With tequila, Cointreau and fresh lime it's tart, zingy and satisfying. 

  • Tequila
  • Cointreau 
  • Lime Juice
  • Sugar Syrup 

Shake all ingredients with ice and serve in margarita or martini glass. For best result, put some lime juice around the rim and dip the rim of the glass in salt.



Cosmopolitan - £5.00 

Lip smackingly sweet and sour, the Cosmopolitan cocktail of vodka, cranberry, orange liqueur and citrus is a good time in a glass. Perfect for a party

  • Citrus Vodka
  • Triple Sec
  • Lime Juice
  • Cranberry Juice

Shake all ingredients with ice and serve in a martini glass.



Rhubarb and Custard - £5.00

Add a little sparkle to your celebrations with our Delicious Rhubarb & Custard Fizz. Sure to be a favourite at any party,

  • Rhubarb and Ginger Gin Liqueur
  • Advocate
  • Apple Juice

Pour mix over ice in a whisky glass.



Raspberry Rum Smash - £5.00

Something of a cross between a Sonic slushy, your favourite fresh mojito, and of course, bubbly — all the ingredients needed for indulging and keeping cool during days of summer.

  • Dark Spiced Rum
  • Raspberry Pure
  • Raspberry Liqueur
  • Raspberry Syrup
  • Lemon Juice

Pour mix over ice and serve it with fresh mint and frozen raspberries (Optional). For best results serve it over crushed ice.



Blue Lagoon - £5.00

Tall, refreshing and bluer than the bluest Caribbean sky, the cocktail combines vodka, blue curaçao and lemonade in a drink you’ll want to dive into. 

  • Vodka
  • Blue Curacao
  • Lime Juice
  • Sugar Syrup
  • Lemonade

Pour blue lagoon mix over ice and top it up with lemonade, garnish with a slice of lemon.




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